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Traffic-related offenses can have a serious impact on your driving record and insurance. Our experienced team will help you resolve DWI/DUI charges, speeding tickets, substance related issues and other traffic matters.

Few offenses are treated as seriously in law or by our courts as alcohol and substance-related traffic offenses. It is important that a qualified and experienced attorney assists you in defending your case to make sure that your rights are protected and that you maintain the right to operate motor vehicles. 

Speeding Tickets and Non-substance-related Traffic Offenses

Even the most minor vehicular infraction can present a number of legal pitfalls. While letters from the court present appealing alternatives to lengthy court appearances, the practical implications of paying a traffic fine can have an ongoing impact on your personal insurance rates and criminal record.

Our traffic division has a wealth of experience helping clients minimize the ongoing personal impact of traffic infractions. Give us a call. 

For traffic matters, please complete the form below and a team member will contact you as soon as we can.

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